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#160 Fashion of pre-wedding pose


Creative Pre-Wedding Pose Photos that Everyone Love to Try

Unique Pre-wedding Photography Ideas for your album to make Marriage memorable
Getting married is a very special and extraordinary event in life. You definitely want to preserve all the memories related to the ceremonies. Pre-wedding photography is very popular these days. It is really a fun-filled experience.

Prewedding photo poses

Like the majority of the couples, you lacked the unique pre-wedding photography ideas. When you searched the internet, you completely overwhelmed with the vast array of couple photography ideas and became very confused.

Don’t only depend on your photographer, as an unexperienced photographer can’t give you that uniqueness which you want. This is the article which can solve your problem so easily. Pre-wedding photography doesn’t necessarily have to be all about romance. A bit of funkiness and craziness can be included as well to make it more attractive.
Have a look at some of the innovative shoots that you can try as well
Traffic in Love
indian outdoor pre wedding photoshoot ideas
Although the whistle is blown, the traffic police is unable to control the love traffic between the couple. Try this pose to add more fun to your album.
funny pre wedding photography ideas
The picture clarifies that when you are in love, you both will take every step in life together, hand in hand.
Love in Taxi
pre wedding shoot themes
The vibrant yellow color gives this naughty picture so much charm. The picture is funky, no doubt, but there is a clear indication that the couple is so much in love.
Come, let us fly together
cool pre wedding pose photo
Here the couple and two butterflies are complementing each other. The couple is flying to the endless love. It is one of the Funny Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas that can add some fun to your wedding album.
I want to reach the moon only with you
Couple matching outfit ideas for pre wedding photos
Marriage is all about togetherness and the picture indicates it. You both will undertake life’s journey together, no matter even it is as far as the moon.
Romancing in the woods
pre wedding shoot dresses on rent
Romancing in the forest! The very idea takes you to the memories of Tarzan and his love story, right? This is a very funky shoot where the mushroom is conceived as the coffee table and the two stones as the chair.
I love you to the moon and back
pre wedding night shoot
The picture clearly depicts that in order to prove your love for your partner, you can even climb high up the moon. The animation in the backdrop adds to the fun.

The tug of love
beach pre wedding photo
Nothing can keep a couple separate when they are truly and madly in love with each other. Have a tug of war between the two in the photo shoot and see how your man finds an opportunity to get closer to you.
Will you be my partner for life?
pre wedding shoot dresses india
The pose itself depicts your love story- your man going down on his knees to propose you. This is a very simple shoot,but there is a hint of fun and memory attached to it. Don’t you think so?
24*7 Thinking of You
new indian pre wedding shoot poses
Before the wedding, it is obvious that the couples will think of each other every time and everywhere. The shoot intelligently tells the story of the couple with this picture.
One can sacrifice for the sake of love
funny pre wedding pose photo ideas in india

When you love someone, you can give your life for him or her. The picture portrays exactly the same, but in a funny manner.
Love is all about balancing
outfits ideas for pre wedding photoshoot
This is one of the current Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas that seems to be very popular among the couples. The picture shows how proper balancing makes life perfect.
Spending some quality time together
water photoshoot ideas
The couple is spending quality time while enjoying a duck ride. This frame portrays rightly the beautiful moments you have spent together while dating.
Come, let us play snooker together
pre wedding photoshoot theme
If you and your better half loves playing snooker, this is a must have pre-wedding frame.
Ah! Don’t push in please
funny pre wedding photoshoot
The picture shows that the couple is in playful mood. They might not be kissing, holding or touching each other to show their affection and love. But they are deeply in love.
I feel the whole world when I am with you
cute pre wedding photoshoot dresses
The shoot makes it very clear that when you both are in absolute awe and love, you become the world for each other.
Fly with the bird
creative pre wedding photoshoot poses
Want to disappear from this world with your man? Try this funny frame.
 Ready to go around the world with you
cute pre wedding photography ideas
Finally the time has come when you can explore the world together. The use of vintage props take the picture to another level.
The color of love and passion
gown and dresses ideas for pre wedding photoshoot
The using of vibrant yellow in background with one similar dress and one contrast dress make this simple photo an eye-shooting one. Try this simple but vibrant photo shoot.
Opposites attract
 quirky pre wedding photo ideas for bride and groom
This is the hilarious picture that portrays that opposites attract. Your pre-wedding photo album must have at least one of these types of photo to cherish your memory.
Love can enter through window
 romentic pre wedding photoshoot for couple
Before marriage, the couple wants to meet each other and window is the best entrance. This picture is so dramatic and displays the situation aptly.
Selfie Time
pose ideas for destination pre wedding photoshoot
This funky pre- wedding photo depicts how the groom takes care of his bride’s crazy wishes of taking selfies. If you are selfie-maniac then you must try this frame.
The comfort factor in relationship
pre wedding background photos
If both of you love casual lifestyle, this frame is perfect for you. Using of casual dress and one red umbrella if perfect is absolutely perfect.
Those Happy Rides together
creative indian pre wedding photography ideas
A bicycle can be the most romantic ride in which the photographer gives a funny look here. You can even choose to employ a range of props to help play around with the moment.
 The falling in love pose
vintage pre wedding pose photo
This is a Bollywood inspired pose. It is no doubt a romantic pose. The combination of red and blue color is excellent.
Not So Easy to Get
unique indian pre wedding shoot
The outdoor photo shoot is much more fun for the couple. The pose is apt for the adventurous couple.
Push it Hard
dress for indian pre wedding photoshoot

Adding more than a dash of character to your wonderful pre-wedding photography, try to add a ride of some sort.
Travelling the world around with you
unique pre wedding photoshoot images
Travelling itself is very much adventurous and fun filled experience. If you both love travelling,you must try this frame.
Don’t Mess with Me
pre wedding outfits for bridal party
It is really impossible to argue with your bride. It can be dangerous for you. So never ever mess with her. This hilarious picture just makes you laugh so hard.
Hurry! We are Getting Late
pre wedding photoshoot pose tip
This couple is in so much hurry to go for an evening ride. You can add this type of funky photo in your pre-wedding photo album. This picture reminds you your romantic rides.
Oh no! You are late!
latest pre wedding photo concept
The boy uses the skate to reach to his girl in no time.  This frame is perfect for the late comer boyfriend.
Blow of love
pre wedding quotes for wife
I can blow you with just a small push of the wind. So don’t mess with me! Try this frame to add more fun to your album.
I won’t let you go
 indian pre wedding clothes ideas
This is a trending pre-wedding photo shoot that depicts togetherness and attraction towards each other. This is yet another Bollywood inspired picture where the couple is found flying up in love.
From every direction I can only see you
pre wedding natural beauty shoot
No matter in which direction I go, I can only see you my love. This is exactly what the picture depicts.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

#160 Fashion of this Rainy season


Rain on your Wedding Day is Lucky

Only you can let incessant rain ruin your big day!!
This is an accidental article that has to be posted. Who doesn’t love rain?! Yes! You’re a pluviophile , but if it rains on your big day you hate it entirely. You get pissed off and make others the same way.
If it rains on your wedding, you’re really lucky. It signifies that Mother Nature showers her blessing. It appears like it will be the last tears that you drop. Raining is a good phenomenon.
Image result for stylist umbrella pic
But those of us who are married know that one is a bunk. The fact of the matter is that you can do as much as possible weddings planning, but when it drizzles, you must spontaneously have a plan B. Yes, we understand it is a herculean task. Don’t worry its not your fault if it rains on your big day.
Image result for stylist umbrella pic

We strongly believe that brides and grooms attitude determine the mood of the wedding on the rainy day.Despite of many adversities, the key to fun is in your hands.

Srividhya and Raghuram’s wedding was a great example of how patient the couple’s should be. If the couple’s wear a smile on their face on stage, it simultaneously reflects on every single person gathered over there. “I grumbled and groaned when Mr. Ramanan (popularly known as the rain man) predicted that rainfall is expected in the next few days. But to our surprise, it not only rained bit we had a storm (mini-storm). Trust me the winds devastated all the plans. Plan A was the beach and plan B was the lawn. No other go I have to implement my Plan C (inside entirely) it went soo good.” Says the Bride-Srividhya.
Image result for stylist umbrella pic
We always tell brides that when you choose a venue and want to have elements of your wedding outside make sure you see and love your backup space just in case .If you’re planning on taking pics outside, we would figure out where to take pics if it rains. We might also inquire with the venue to make sure if there is enough space for us to do normal portraits indoors.

If you’re a brave bride and are willing to venture out, bustle your dress or grab a bridesmaid or wedding attendant to help you venture out in the light rain with your husband to be. One advantage of rain is that lighting can be very pretty for photos.
Be prepared though, have a few umbrellas as backup. Stop worrying, don’t freak out on seeing drops of water falling from the sky. You are not magicians, having a wand to do all magical stuffs within minutes. Just relax and make slight changes in your D-day plan.
Image result for stylist umbrella pic
Have some shoes you don’t mind getting wet, rubber rain boots can be very cool looking. Keep in mind that you may want to touchup after being outside in a rain, so leave yourself a time. If your hair frizzes easily, you may want to consider switching your long looks for a beautiful no touchup (naturalistic) look.
The New Raincoat Trend Transparent Raincoat Designs 2018 & 2019 Spring Lookbook
Image result for rainy fashion trends 2018

oo often our days are totally ruined by a quick check of the weather app that reveals a rain forecast. Aside from the fact that we are then forced to re-think our shoe choice, and spend the rest of the day dodging umbrellas, it also means deferring to a coat to avoid getting soaked. And now that carefully put-together outfit will be hidden under whatever you're about to toss over it. But thankfully the fall 2017 runways came up with a simple solution. The new PVC, translucent, transparent, see-through, whatever-you-want-to-call-them raincoats eliminate the covering up your outfit. In a cool way, they even kind of frame it. Imagine being able to see an entire printed set beneath a clear rain coat. You + 1, Rainy Day - 0. While our favorite version of the transparent rain coat comes with an added bonus of colored piping, there's also plenty of other options to suit your needs. Who said rainy days have to get you down?

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Image result for rainy fashion trends 2018

Image result for rainy fashion trends 2018

Image result for rainy fashion trends 2018

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