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#115 Fashion of Denim Trends For 2016

After diamonds,jeans are a girl's best friend. It is one of those ideal garments that you can wear anytime,anywhere and it leads itself easily to innovation.Also,they are always in vogue.The year 2016 will see jeans in newer silhouetters in roomier fits,lived-in washes, subtle to standout distressed details,contrast hems and even patchwork. In short. details that can help you breathe a new lease of life in an old pair of jeans.After all, it's about when chic meets comfort. Here's a look at eight denim trends for 2016.......

Team a pair of roomy jeans with a long, flowy jacket or overcoat and a crop top. This contrast of loose over tight makes this look exremely casual and is ideal when you are pub hopping with your pals or attending a music fest.

Even though one owns a countless pair of denims, having the latest and trendiest pair of jeans is a must. A closet staple and wardrobe essential of men and women are denims. Every new season kicks in with fresh looks and amazing styles to try on. Well, the autumn winter (A/W) 2013-2014 is no different and comes with a lot of intriguing designs and game-changing shapes to experiment with.
No one can have second thoughts when there are a lot of interesting options of imbibing the denim trend into one's clothes. New washes, prints, and lengths are buzzing at the denim markets right now. Corduroy advances in the indigo hues with laundered and vintage washes are popular this winter. Faded and dull indigo looks in soft and supple denims will be appropriate to go with the winter woolens.

Another trend that is evolving majorly is of lumber jack look with plaid prints and brushed wefts. The checks and plaids printed in the lining of the denim bottoms can be folded inside out to enhance the winter look. These designs will commonly be found in the boyfriend jeans styles.

If patchwork conjures up images of shoddily stitched in pieces of cloth, then you are wrong.2016 will redefine patchwork with contrast hues that are seamlessly stitched to lend a chic look to the good ol' denim, Wear it with a belt and ankle-length boots for a night out.

A denim trend that has lasted really long and continues to be in demand even in the fall winter 2013-14 is the destroyed and tattered denim look. Skinny jeans with rubbed off resins revealing the contrasting denim fabric underneath will still remain fashion favourites. Gun metal, dark chestnut, deep blacks are hot properties for the winter. Contrasting thread colors like yellow, orange, and blue in the destroyed jeans' effects are the latest thing in the denim world.

Printed and patterned styles in denims are growing rapidly. Adding more liveliness to the boring old washed denims is a burst of patterns like micro stripes, chevron, dots, stars, Aztec and ikat style prints, hound's tooth checks, and floral prints. Sprayed washes in pinks, oranges, and purples are a new addition to the denim washes. The spray is a smudgy effect given to denims with rubbed surfaces. Another look trending high this season adds a little sparkle to solid denims.

A shiny and glossy effect to denims is provided in painted and resin coated glitter finishes. Metallic finished denims are perfect for high-fashion evening wear. Vintage denims are a piece of investment and will continue to remain in vogue for a long time. A little heavy in weight, with un-singed and unrefined surfaces, and in dull colors make the perfect winter garment to slip in.

It's simple yet elegant.An indigo blue denim dress looks sophisticated and is ideal for a brunch date.For a more casual appearance, team it with a matching pair of shorts and head off some shopping extravaganza.

Wearing denims with denims is also an art fashionista's continue to explore in the A/W of 2013-14. Soft chambray shirts and tops are a must-have for this season. Pair them with solid colored or washed off jeans along with a leather jacket for a classic autumn winter look. Denim studded jackets, skirts, shorts, and jeans look smart and chichi for the winter trend. Metallic embellishments are all over denim garments for this season.

They may be as different as chalk and cheese, but when temed together, they make quite an impression. A denim lace jumpsuit is ideal for a party . Pair it with heels and minimal jewellery to up the glam quotient.

If skinny jeans are not one's style, then opting for more slouchy pair of denims, which are also comfortable are runway trends, embraced by trendsetters all over the world. Pairing them up with oversized sweaters and leather boots are the perfect way to step out for a stylish Saturday evening. Jeans in light blue and pastel colors are soon replacing the neon trend this fall.

The most hip looks are denim dresses for the A/W 2013-14. Light blue or chambray dresses for the day and pitch black studded dresses for the evening. Teaming it up with a cool jacket is the new look to adorn and to keep it stylish this winter. Ultra tight skinny jeggings with baggy and long coats are receiving a lot of movement in stores.

Is it denim or cotton?No, it's chambray. A lighter version of denim, it rests softly on your skin and can be converted into a wide range of dresses, thanks to its fluid texture. Team this with a statement necklace for a casual chic look.

Patchwork jeans using two different color tones provide a punk look, is a huge trend for the fall. The fashion thumb rule is to match darker tones with dark patches and lighter ones with light-colored patches and basically avoid contrast. Cropped jeans will remain in style, and pairing them up with quirky socks or a pair of sneakers and a bomber jacket is the way to get going fashionably this winter.

Overalls are back in style and wearing them in denims is the perfect way to be spotted this season. But unlike the 90's loose and baggy style, try picking up more fitted for the fall favorites. Boxy denim jackets are another growing trend, cropped but baggy, and would go with just about any outfit in one's closet. Raw and unfinished hemlines of skinny denims for casual wears are also extremely popular.

It refers to a needlework technique in which patterns are created by attaching smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting texture. Keep the look simple and let the details do the talking .It is ideal for a day out with friends.

his winter the denim trends are getting more exciting and refreshing than ever. Outfitting oneself with the denim style that suits one's mood and taste are more important than cuts, colors, and shapes. There are a whole lot of varieties be it a classy pair of jeans, jacket, skirt, dress, or overalls, one needs to pick from to look daring and dashing in a denim attire this autumn/winter.

Ombre describes the gradual blending of one hue with another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. it gives a renewed look to denim as it adds a hint of colour. Wear it with a piar of sneakers for that girl-next-door look.

It's time to pull out that old denim jacket from your closet and give it a makeover. Embellish it with a wide gamut of charms and team it with a pair of high-waist boot cut jeans for a movie date.


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