Monday, 26 October 2015

#111 Checking-in from new york

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to shoot with Zanita and it brings back so many fond memories of work we’ve done together just for fun or for clients. With our lives becoming busier and our careers continuing to grow, it’s always a luxury to have old friends in the same city with the chance to work together.
Last season, we spent an entire day shooting around the city in the blistering cold of New York’s winter. This time, we joined forces again to shoot something fun on the roof of my New York hotel in partnership with Hugo Boss.
This city has constantly been an endless inspiration for me, both professionally and personally. I’m inspired by the work ethic, innovation and progression shared amongst New Yorkers. As a person, I’m inspired by every unique or like-minded person I meet who unknowingly contribute to how I grow as a person. The openness and support you find here is what really can enable you to excel in whichever aspects of your life you wish. This is why this New York backdrop was the perfect way to reflect the Hugo Boss woman; she’s empowered, she’s a businesswoman, and she’s inspired. In many ways, it’s how I’m feeling at this very moment.


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