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#83 Fashion and design stylist Anarkali dresses

  • Through this piece of article you will get to know all about the Indian anarkali frocks designs 2013 for girls. If we look little bit in the past then we will view out that anarkali frocks were must famous amongst the women because it make them feel like the princess of some Mughal Royal families. But somehow this trend got disappeared and now it has one more time appeared with a big bang. There are countless anarkali frocks designs 2013 that has appeared inside the market for making the women crazier. All the anarkali frocks are combined with the churidar pajamas, tights and even trousers too. Normally these forms of the clothes can be used for the both weddings and formula gatherings and hence the designing is also done according to the occasion. The wedding frocks are much loved because they are enclosed with the embroideries, dabka, zari working and even zardozi and stone efforts. Here we will give out some pictures of Indian anarkali frocks designs 2013 for girls. The colors are set in the line of the both the flavors of the vivid dark and soft too. Well this has been the only latest Pakistani dresses that are still fresh in the minds of the millions of women.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Anarkali dress back in fashion now days after a long span. For those who want to know about the history of this gorgeous Salwar Kameez suit and want to know how this “Anarkali” name developed, first I will brief you little about the structure and format of Anarkali Salwar Kameez. Long kurti with short, full and half sleeves, but tight at arms, fit and tight above the waist and below the butts like an umbrella, called Anarkali Umbrella Kameez. The Anarkali Salwaar is just like the Churidar Salwaar that mostly used with Frocks. This was the brief and imaginary demo of Anarkali dress and now we will find out something about the history of this name—the “Anarkali”. Anarkali (“pomegranate blossom”) was a legendary slave girl from Lahore (Pakistan) during the Mughal period. She was a RajNartika. She was a dancer at palace of Great Mughal emperor Akbar . She was supposedly ordered to be buried alive by Mughal emperor Akbar for having an illicit relationship with Prince Nuruddin Salim later to become Emperor Jahangir. Due to the lack of evidence and sources, the story of Anarkali is widely accepted to be either false or heavily embellished. Nevertheless, her story is cherished by many and has been adapted into literature, art and cinema. Famous dancers at palace of mughal kings dance for entertainment of Mughal kings. So, the dresses were worn by the dancers while doin mujra dance called as mujra / mujara dresses. Later they got famous by name Anarkali dresses or Anarkali salwar kameez in the remembrance of a great dancer and a passionate lover Anarkali.

  • Latest designs of Anarkali style salwar are popular and in fashion trends wearing with different prints, materials, embroidery work, different designer sleeves and stylish necks. Kameez has heavily embellished yoke. The upper portion of kameez which could be said as choli is completely embroidered and its bottom is highlighted with beautiful border. These blouse or cholis are stitched with latest fashion and designs of different styles of sleeves and neck patterns.Take a look at the latest Anarkali Trendy Dresses Collection given below.

  • Tell me what is common between all the bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit, Vidya Balan, Zareen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Diz Mirza, Karisma Kapoor? Well, when these ladies go up for public appearance in ethnic wear – most of the times what they choose to wear is Anarkali Suits.Anarkali Suits made their comeback in late 2012 and since then, they have been rocking the fashion show ramps. Almost every bollywood diva have sported the Anarkali look. Moreover, all the marriages this season have been flooded by Anarkalis. Even Sarees have got tough competition from Anarkali Suits and that’s why, I, Manpreet found it really necessary to see what’s the story behind Anarkali Suits.

  • You want to know? KEEP READING! Before that let me show you some pictures of gorgeous bollywood actresses who have worn Anarkali Suits, you know just to prove my words. Though, do I really need to prove? 
Did you ever think where the name came from?
Well, Anarkali which actually means pomegranate blossom was a legendary slave girl from Lahore (Pakistan) during the empire of Akbar. She was dancer at the palace of the great Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar.  It is said that the eldest son of Akbar – Salim fell in love with Anarkali and when the emperor came to know about this, he ordered to bury Anarkali alive for having a relationship with his son. But due to the lack of evidence, some people call this as a false story but this story is greatly believed by Bollywood I guess.
At the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar, a dance form called mujra was quite famous. Many famous dancers used to dance at the palace of Mughal Kings. The dresses which were worn by the mujra dancers at that time were known as mujra dresses. Later the name got converted to Anarkali Dresses or Anarkali Suits in the rememberance of the great dancer and a passionate love of Mughal time – Anarkali.
Latest designs of Anarkali Suits which are popular among the masses involve floor length Anarkalis with different prints, materials, embroidery, sleeves and designer and stylish necklines. Usually, Kameez in Anarkali Suits is heavily embroidered. The upper portion of kameez which could be roughly called as choli is completely embroidered with the bottom highlighted with a heavy border. The blouse/choli have latest designs and patterns on neck and on sleeves.
Indian Anarkali dresses are ruling the ramps, red carpets and all ceremonies these days. Frock formed, A-line Anarkali dresses with an added length,  hiding the churidar pajamas mark todays fashion scene.Every fashion designer is driving innovations by improvising the basic Indian Anarkali dresses. What inspires the fashion designers to work on is the cut of Anarkali dresses that is positive to suit every shape, hiding the flaws, and enhancing the feminine charm.
Angrakhas, and simple frocks with short body style have taken the hold a lot that they not very find the traditional shalwar kameez around us. From celebrities to house wives, every woman is positive to wear long lengthed A-line frocks with churidar pajamas ranging for both casual and formal concerns.

Bold and bright colors are the first hit for imagination when talk of Indian Anarkali dresses. Orange, Purple, Blues and all shocking tones appear logical when planning to get an Anarkali dress designed.
Modernity always seeks its roots in custom. The eternal charm of Indian Anarkali dresses has proven this fact as ladies appear to carryover forward the fashion rules of yesteryears. The actual reason of Anarkali dresses being a source of inspiration for all the leading fashion designers is their Eastern appeal.
An essential item of women's apparel, salwar kameez come in a variety of styles and designs. Though trends come and go, a style that never goes out of fashion is the anarkali salwar kameez. Typically comprising of a long umbrella shaped kurta with a fitting yoke, anarkali salwar suit can make many girl look outrageously beautiful.

Since an anarkali dress gives a royal and vibrant appeal, it is one of the most preferred item of formal wear when it comes to auspicious and grand occasions such as a wedding or sangeet ceremony. Most of the wedding salwars and bridal suits come in anarkali design for a rich look. Not only are anarkali dresses a favourite among Indian girls but many western girls like and wear Anarkali Salwar Kameez on special occasions and parties as these anarkali dresses go perfectly well with their personality and style.
Though one can wear Anarkali Dresses with a loose fitting salwar or parallel as per taste and individual preference but generally an anarkali salwar suit is mostly worn over a churidar lower in contrasting shade for a brighter and sleeker appearance. While anarkali salwar suits are mostly worn by most girls and women as formal or party wear attire for special occasions and parties, anarkali salwar suits are also available as casual wear for day to day wear.
So if are a die-hard fan of this wonderful ethnic attire, you can also wear your favourite attire on a daily basis by choosing from the latest design Anarkali Salwar Suits available online. While cotton is a dominant material used for making casual anarkali dresses, richer and more exuberant fabrics such as georgette, pure chiffon, brocade, net and silk are used for making the formal anarkali salwar kameez.
t is said that History repeats its self and so does fashion but style is constant. It is eternal. Every few years there are changes in the old trends. Salwaar kameez is one such attire that sees changes quite often. It is the length of the kameez or kurta which is frequently altered. Few years ago it was straight fitting salwaar kameez with length reaching below the knee.
Then the length was reduced to above the knee.This kind of kameez was worn with Patiala or loose salwaar. But the latest trend is kameez which are long and flowing till ankle. The bodice of these flowing kameez are tight fitted. It is waist down that a lot of fabric is used to make it flowing. This kind of kameez is worn with churidaar.
Anarkali by some designer is ever praiseworthy and its fabric, material, colors and stitching, everything is considered with special concern and apprehension to create an artistic piece for women.Anarkali by some designer is ever praiseworthy and its fabric, material, colors and stitching, everything is considered with special concern and apprehension to create an artistic piece for women.Designers are using chiffon and crepe according to seasonal requirement. Finest lawn and related fabrics are also in use for the preparation of Anarkali Salwar Kameez. Now a days ribbons and karoshia laces are getting popularity but in fancy dress mirror, resham and pearls are mostly in use. Handmade embroidery and gota are bit out and border of the kameez in anarkali style are adorned by the laces of various colors with a contrast to fabric color.

Anarkali dress is not traditional but also one of the opulent dresses of our times. An elegantly stitched and well crafted anarkali dress is sure to make you look like a royal queen. With their flared panels and highlighted chest, Anarkali churidar suits impart an altogether different aura to the beauty of a woman which not only flatters her silhouette but give a royal appeal as well.Anarkali churidar suits with their finess and elegance make for an excellent party wear dress.Since parties are occasions to flaunt your best outfits by going for a classy Anarkali Dresses you can easily make a style statement not only four attire but for your personality as well. Women love to flaunt their curves and designer anarkali suits with their flattering silhouette do full justice to the natural beauty of a woman by highlighting it in the most graceful manner.
The churidar lower of these Designer Anarkali Suits also has beautiful patches of sequins, stones and other embroidery work on its bottom for a more complete and rich look. These churidar anarkali suits come with a complimentary duppatta which adds to the grace and glamour of this opulent attire. The duppatta too boasts of rich work of lace, resham, sequins and other embroidery on its edges. The color of the duppatta matches the color of the churidar and is in contrast to the color of the kameez or kurta.

Thus if you wish to look like a royal queen in the next party you happen to attend, we recommend you wear a classy designer anarkali suit to the party and get ready for a shower of compliments and admiration.Tired of going through the nuances of tying a saree and forming pleats? Want to try something different? If yes, ready pleated sarees are your answer. Go through the collection of latest design Ready Pleated Sarees and Anarkali Dresses available online at different online saree shops and get smitten by the amazing array of variety, design and work the internet has to offer to get all your desires of looking and feeling good answered.
        These latest design Ready Pleated Sarees and Anarkali Dresses available at gravity fashion are only made from the highest quality fabrics but also designed and crafted by our best fashion designers to impart a royal and unique look to the wearer.You can easily choose from variety of colours, designs and fabrics to buy ready pleated saree online from gravity  pleated saree the pleats are already stitched so as you don't have to bother about making the pleats and tucking it into the sari. All you have to do is wear the  A regular sari requires pleats to be formed at the waist, whereas in a ready  pleated ready-made sari over a petticoat. Then you can just drape the remaining part of the sari over your shoulder.It is as easy as that and it ensures that you can wear it comfortable and even feel relaxed in it. This kind of a trendy sari is as easy to wear as a skirt. In fact, it resembles any fashionable that best suits your style and personality and get noticed wherever you go with your flattering appeal and looks. Reasons that make this outfit the hottest trend nowadays are its flattering silhouette, convenience and contemporary appeal. 






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