Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#31 fashion and design Indian Lehenga choli

On the other hand, the Indian state which is Rajasthan and Gujarat, are among the places in India that enormously embraces the dressing styles of lehenga choli. According to the lehenga history, nothing can beat the impressive styles of the printed Bandhani a tie and dye Ghagra choli. It became popular around India because it was purely made from cotton fabrics. Aside from this, the lehenga wears with regards to the designs and styles of the blouses or choli, made a remarkable part in lehenga history. This is because, the choli is very well crafted with a combination of a careful patch work and mirror work.Based on the lehenga history, this traditional dress is notable specially if worn during special occasions. Among of the common occasion that lehenga where commonly worn were during festivals like Eid, Dusshera, Navratri or it can in the wedding event. The reason why woman loves to wear lehenga dresses is because it is flexible to any body types and comfortable as well. The lehenga history has really brought many changes especially on the women dresses. In fact, even in these generations the dressing styles of lehenga and its customary pattern still exist. 




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