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#48 Fashion and design right Bridal Bouquest

How To Choose The Right Bridal Bouquet For Your Wedding                                                                         All too often, when it comes to wedding preparation, brides are overly concerned with how enchanting the setting place will be and how dazzling their wedding gown will be; however, they eventually overlook one crucial element that deserves a lot of attention, and that's their bridal bouquet.Of course I don't mean in any way that the brides don't care about their bridal bouguet; it's just that they usually don't realize how much it can affect the appearance of their wedding gown for which they spend so much time and money to invest in.The truth is that with so many choices of bridal bouquets available today. They just don't think that it will be a problem for them to find the right bouquet for them.They are not wrong on this point... however; the problem doesn't come from the lack of choice available but maybe rather the opposite. There're so many choices available that often brides find themselves overwhelmed by all those possibilities and just can't figure out which bridal bouquet  the   should choose. 

  "Fashion is not mathematics and a beautiful gown plus a beautiful wedding bouquet doesn’t always equals to a beautiful combination!"                  To make sure that both match perfectly, it is best to plan for them at the same time.While there are no absolute rules here, the following recommendations are usually considered the best practices.                                

Bridal Handtied Posy Bouquet                                                                                                                                                     If you are more of a conservative type, and your wedding gown choice went towards a classical white silk gown with pearl accessories, then the best type of bridal bouquet you can use is a posy type. Now, don’t be fooled here, posies may be classical but that doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful! With classical posies, you’ll usually favor pastel colors such as white, light pink, or light yellow for your flowers; but then again, it’s just a generalization some black & ivoryposies can really have a dramatic accent too while remaining conservative through their shape. Simply play with the shades as you see fit with your personality. 


 Also, if your lifestyle is strictly guided by cultural or religious beliefs, you may want to opt for some special accessorized bouquets such as a fun bouguet or payer book bouquet type. (Note that you can’t toss your prayer book bouquet; that just wouldn’t be right…)

Bridal Shower Bouquet                                                                                                                                                                     If your personality is on the vibrant side and your dream wedding has to be dramatic with your huge princess gown type then you’ll want to opt for a shower bouquest or possibly an arm sheaf bouquet. With its long teardrop shape, the shower bouquet  is the ultimate symbol of wedding and definitely the type of bridal bouquet that will catch the most attention.When it comes to shower bouquets, there’s no real need to be concerned as to which flowers composed it, or which color they should be, pretty much anything goes.


 However, with your choice of cascading bouquet, you want to make sure that the bouquet matches your build and shape or you may take the risk to be overpowered or overshadowed by your bridal bouquet.all brides will look into elongating the trailing teardrop part of their bouquet, while brides who are more of a petite build should make sure that their bridal bouquet is not too wide either. Brides with a strong build should seek a bouquet with stronger emphasis on the trail than the top. This will draw more attention on the bouquet itself and the slender shape that it projects will be reflected on the bride too, making the bride look thinner.


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