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#71 Fashion and design white wedding dresses with bags and shoes


Bag  are a lot like relationships some are short-lived while others stay with you forever. Unless you can afford an 'it' bag for every occasion, it's always a good idea to buy a piece that doesn't lose its place on the trend chart - something you can wear at every season and for every reason. If you buy something too fancy, you are likely to get tired of it pretty soon. Plus, a budget clutch in a classic design tends to look a little more rich.Though you get handbags in all shapes and sizes (from classic to trendy to bizarre), there's something alluring about an evening  clutch. At a festive soiree, you want to carry a statement clutch that uplifts your outfit and works as  the focal point of the look, "Clutches work well when you do not have to pack anything apart from your phone, maybe car or home keys, some money and beautifying essentials like a lipstick or a mini bottle of perfume. Hence, clutches are always made lighter without huge handles. Some are accompanied with a thin gold chain to convert them into a shoulder bag," says designer karan  Malhotra

           Acrylic box clutches and embroidered, embellished clutch bags are big on the fashion scene this year . These clutches are more like another piece of jewellery !  Geometric shapes with minimal lines and detailing can make a serious style impact too. If  'box. isn't your style , opt for a grown up purse clutch in metallic or jewel hues to give your dress or saree a festive edge. Think metallic dark berry  (since Marsala is the colour of the year ) or bronze, or pick one in classic red and green for a more traditional colour scheme. But when it comes to effortless evening glamour, none can match the original black and gold suede, Whatever you choose, keep in mind your collection of festive outfits and shoes to make sure you buy something that goes with most of the stuff in your wardrobe.

Great Looking And Cheap Bridal shoes

Most brides can quickly end up spending thousands of dollars for one special day in their life. This is fin and you want everything to be the absolutely magical for your wedding. However if there are some ways to save money then why not? It is always great to save money and still look great. Cheap bridal shoes are a good way to cut costs.

Cheap bridal shoes do not have to look cheap, old fashioned or out of style. There are where you can purchase elegant but cheap wedding shoes if you only know where to look.

Great Sources For Cheap Bridal Shoes

There are numerous ways to find cheap bridal shoes. Two of the best ways are to look at local bridal shops and at department stores. They often offer cheap bridal shoes with designer inspired styles. 

For example if you are looking for a great pair of Vera Wang bridal shoes why not look at department stores. Often they will carry a wide variety of Vera Wang inspired shoes. These will be made by other manufacturers many you have probably never heard of. However for many the name of the shoe makes matter less then the design. So if you are looking for a great design but cheaper wedding shoe then a Vera Wang inspired shoe is a great way to go.

Macys is a great department store to try. They often carry a wide variety of designs by lesser known manufacturers but will be able to pass the savings on to you. Keep in mind that they are somewhat limited and you might not find the hottest Jimmy Choo designer wedding shoe but you can often find something that will work for your situation.

Cheap bridal shoes can be found at many different stores in a variety of styles if you do some work and look hard to find the best deals. You can often find peep-toe, ankle strap, pumps and sandals in various colors and styles. You can also purchase a pair of dyeable cheap bridal shoes if you want the color of the shoe to match a certain color used in your wedding.

When To Shop For Cheap Bridal Shoes

Knowing where to shop is half the battle and a great way to get discounted bridal shoes. However if you want the best quality and true rock bottom prices then you have to not only know where to shop but when to shop also. You can often find your discount bridal shoes for the best possible price when you know the specific month when they will be on sale.

You can often simply ask at your local bridal shop when the shoes go on sale. Generally speaking however there are certain times of year when the shoes go on sale. For example often in the month of January after the holiday season shoes will go on sale. Then again in October a few weeks after the back to school rush. However just to be sure and know your particular location it cant hurt to ask.

Also you want to understand how season inventory works. All clothing inventory is seasonal and changes with the four seasons. For example an open toe bridal sandal is going to look kind of strange in the middle of winter. So often at the end of a season as the new clothes hit the market stores are forced to sell off their existing inventory to make way for the new shoes. So if you are having a wedding in the late Spring then this year right after that time passes go in a snag a good deal on heavily discounted designer inspired bridal shoes. If you are have a winter wedding then go in late August and pick up a great deal on your wedding shoes.

There are a lot of different ways to save big money on your wedding shoes and if they look almost the same as the more expensive version then why not save the extra buck. It always helps a new struggling family out to have a little extra money for the things ahead...

Fashion stylist, Kay to Looking Beautiful
Everyone wants to look their best. Many of us would spend so much money in order for us to feel beautiful. However, there are times when we often spend it on things that are not suitable for us. It is such a waste of money when we actually spend so much on clothes and cosmetics that dont fit or worse that make us look bad.

How would it feel like to have someone going shopping with us or someone there telling us all about the latest fad in fashion today? Is it more fun to have someone helping on how to wear those clothes? Well, all these could be made possible with the help of a fashion stylist! One does not need to be a celebrity to have their own stylist. In the world today, it is but normal to have one's very own fashion stylist.

For most of us who are fashion conscious and do have the eagerness to look their best everyday then a fashion stylist is the answer to our need. A fashion stylist could be someone who would show the ins and outs of becoming a trendy fashionista. They would be able to help in shopping for clothes that are suitable for ones age, shape of body, skin color and likes.

Every season, trend in fashion changes, which is why if we want our wardrobe to compliment, then for sure rendering the service of a fashion stylist can be a very good advantage. He/She will be able to tune our wardrobe on various occasions. The right clothes and accessories for our personality will be chosen all perfectly for us. One would certainly notice someone who has their own fashion stylist because they would stand out in the crowd. They have more confidence and they look highly fashionable. All these could be done without having to spend for those designer label clothes. A fashion stylist would know where to get clothes that look really expensive and yet are inexpensive!
Shopping with friends can be really fun as well nevertheless, going out with one's own fashion stylist will help them decide on the right and proper outfits for them. The stylist will tell them honestly how a dress looks on them whereas friends wouldn't tell exactly how one looks like especially if they look bad on it. If we want to make the right decision in finding the perfect clothes for us then again, a fashion stylist could really be the help we need. Furthermore, he/she will be able to guide us now only with the clothes we wear but also on our looks. She would bring us to a good beautician or hairdresser which will enhance our beauty. They would know where to bring us. A fashion stylist eventually is a good money-saver in the long run! A person won't spend anymore for those things that are not suitable for them.

Sometimes, one just needs some professional help in order to boost that confidence. Good looks give higher self-esteem. Many times, it is a matter of building up oneself from the outside as well.


Top 5 Most Often Carried Handbag

Handbags have become the most popular accessory on the market and theres no reason to wonder why. There are so many styles and trends to choose from that its hard for a woman to choose just one handbag. Each outfit calls for a different type of handbag so its hard to distinguish which types are most popular. In order to help you determine which types of handbags are in style right now, I have compiled a list of the top five most often carried handbags. You do not have to choose one of these as the type of handbag youre going to carry but use this as a guideline illustrating which are in fashion at the moment:

1. Shoulder Bag A shoulder bag comes in many different sizes and shapes. They are usually larger, providing more space for essentials such as your wallet, books, makeup etc. Shoulder bags are meant only to be worn over the shoulder and provide a combination practicality and style in one handbag.

2. Handheld Handbag Handheld handbags are handbags which are designed to be held in the hand and no other way. They are usually smaller and provide less space than a shoulder bag. The difference between this form of bag and a clutch is that a handheld bag usually has a strap or handles. These types of bags are best suited for shopping or cruising around town.

3. Back Pack Back Packs are very popular bags which are most beneficial to students of all ages. Back packs have two straps which make them better suited for carrying since there is a balance of pressure of both sides of your shoulders and back (as opposed to just one with most handbags).

4. Tote Bag Tote bags are very popular because they are casual yet very practical. These bags usually fall in the middle of the body, around the elbow. They are big and provide a lot of space for the user. They usually only have one or two compartments and are available with a number of images on them or a simple solid color.

5. Clutch - A clutch is a handbag which does not have handles and is meant to be carried in the hand. That said they are usually quite small and only provide enough space for the bare essentials which you will need. These bags can be casual or dressy and are often worn to parties or nightclubs because they are so small and efficient.

The handbag you choose will depend on your style and your personal preference. As a woman you will probably feel the need to change the style of handbag you carry on a regular basis. The style of handbag differs each day depending on where you are going and which type would be best suited for the occasion. Have fun with your handbag and let your personality show through the style you choose.


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