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#50 Fashion and design meaning of flowers


Meaning: Love, passionBest For: Arrangements and bouquetsScent: NoneIn Season: Late springPrice Range: ExpensiveFloral Fact: These sweet and stately flowers can be found in a myriad of colors, but they are very fragile.
TYPES OF FLOWERS-white roses

Unfavorable Flowers

It's sad but true: You might want to avoid certain flowers (if you're superstitious, that is). On the other hand, you can always thumb your nose at history and ascribe your own meaning to these "questionable" blooms. Here are the so-called negative indicators.

  •  Christmas Rose: Scandal
  • Fig: Idleness
  •  Foxglove: Insincerity
  • Larkspur: Infidelity
  •   Lavender: Distrust
  •  TYPES OF FLOWERS-red dallia,red garden daisy
  • Marigold: Grief                                                                                                         TYPES OF FLOWERS-sunflowers
  • Mulberry: I shall not survive you
  • Raspberry: Remorse

  •  Red Carnation: Alas for my poor heart                                                                                                TYPES OF FLOWERS-Red roses,garden daisy

  • Red Poppy: Consolation                                                                                                TYPES OF FLOWERS-white roses

  •   Rhododendron: Danger                                                                                                                             TYPES OF FLOWERS-pink roses

  • Striped Carnation: Refusal                                                                                                           TYPES OF FLOWERS-Red roses,yellow flower

  •   White Poppy: Sleep                                                                                                                               TYPES OF FLOWERS-White flowers with white andcream clour rebbon

  • Yellow Carnation: Disdain                                                                                                                TYPES OF FLOWERS-Red roses,

  •  Yellow Chrysanthemum: Slighted Love                                                                                                      TYPES OF FLOWERS-Pink lotus

  • Yellow Lily: Falsehood                                                                                                                      TYPES OF FLOWERS-Red roses,white roses and red rebbon

  • Yellow Rose: Jealousy                                                                            


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