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#75 fashion and design sherwanis with sehra and mojari

Sherwani - The Most Desired Outfit Of Indian Grooms              

 The groom is equally important as the bride in Indian wedding and so is his wedding apparel. A groom should have a scintillating look on the day of wedding. As a result his wedding outfit should also be given equal importance as the bride.

There is a wide collection of ethnic wears of groom that include designer sherwani, Kurta Pyjama and lots more.  Groom Sherwani  is much in demand all over India to make the groom look like a king. Indian grooms by wearing the splendid Sherwanis recall the grandeur of the Mughal emperors. The brilliance and regal style of Sherwanis provide inspiration to several Indian designers. The jacket of the Sherwani is embellished with stunning embroideries and it is worn with matching trousers, churidars or Aligarh pants. In most cases, it is found that the neckline of the Sherwani is festooned with zari work and beads to impart a majestic look.


Several exclusive groom sherwanis are available in the market. You can choose Pure Benarsi Sherwani, Silk Jacquard Sherwani, Dupion Silk Jacquard Sherwani, Brocade Sherwani and lots more. Varieties of materials are made use of for creating these gorgeous wedding dresses in India. It can be pure georgette, pure chiffon, pure crepe, pure silk, net, faux crepe, faux georgette, faux chiffon, art silk, cotton, jute, brasso, satin, tussar silk, pasmina, tissue, lycra, viscose and many other materials.  So select the one that you like and pitch your marriage in a sensational way.


Indian Wedding Shoes Bestow A Great Look To The Grooms                                                   Groom is extremely important in every Indian wedding and so are all his accessories, shoes, dress, rings, makeup, turbans and gifts. Groom shoes bestow a stylish and imposing look to the personality of the groom. A number of rituals are involved with the groom’s shoes. Stealing the groom’s shoes by the sisters of the bride is one such custom when the bride’s sisters demand a huge sum amount to the groom for returning his shoes and the groom bargains and gives that amount of money to get back his shoes.                                                                                                                                                                       Now the type of shoes worn by the groom depends on the type of his fashion outfits. If you are choosing a suit, a formal shoe will look good. On the other hand if you wear a traditional Indian dress, then your shoes should also have a traditional touch.

You can get formal groom shoes in different colors that include black, brown, olive green and many other colors. But the colors of the formal shoes must go with your wedding attires. Two kinds of formal shoes are generally found in Indian market, out of which one can be tied with the help of shoe lace and the other one is just slip-in type.      
You can get formal groom shoes in different colors that include black, brown, olive green and many other colors. But the colors of the formal shoes must go with your wedding attires. Two kinds of formal shoes are generally found in Indian market, out of which one can be tied with the help of shoe lace and the other one is just slip-in type.


Get The Best Look On Wedding With Fascinating Groom Wedding Sehra                                                                                                                          Wedding Sehra forms a significant part of wedding accessories of Indian grooms. Wearing the Sehra on the groom’s head is prevalent amongst various Indian wedding communities and it is associated with the respect and prestige of the groom.

In general Sehra is worn as per the established tradition of a particular region in India. To take an instance, in North India, the groom’s wedding Sehra is designed in the shape of a pagri or turban whereas in South India, the Sehra is created with a veil of flowers. When the groom approaches the wedding venue in South India, the veil of the flowers covers the entire face of the groom.

 Boots are also popular among Indian grooms and they wear them with smart formal wedding suits. Though the desired color for the boots of Indian grooms are in general black but several other colors such as brown, bottle green and dark maroon shades are also favored by many men.Apart from the formal wedding shoes, you can also grab hold of traditional shoes for your weddings and get an exotic and elegant Indian look. For instance if you are wearing Kurtas, Sherwani, etc, then it would be better to go with superb Mojaris shoes that are of slip-in types in a wide array of designs and colors. Mojaris shoes are normally crafted with hand but are festooned with multicolored beads, stunning gems as well as elaborate zari work.Nowadays many Indian grooms prefer high heel shoes in order to add more style to their attires. Whatever may be your choice for shoes, always get the one that you will be most comfortable with.

Punjabi wedding Sehra is very popular all over India for its vibrant colors, splendid design and breathtaking style. Groom wedding Sehra in Punjab are often bedecked with pearl and various other scintillating accessories.
Therefore while making the groom ready for the wedding one should always tie up the Sehra on his head as it boosts up the overall personality of the groom.  In fact you will be fascinated to find out the marvelous designs of Sehra available in the market imparting a majestic look to the groom. You can purchase a Sehra directly from the market or you can also get your Sehra designed as per your wish from the best Sehra designers available in your city.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
However before choosing the wedding Sehra, you should be sure that it is perfectly matching with your wedding dress and also with your physique. You can pick up the shade of the pagri as per the color of your wedding suit in order to look good. Various charming colors and exquisite designs of Sehra are available in the market and therefore you can pick up the one that will best complement your look.                                                                                                                                 Again if you want to try for groom wedding Sehra made with fresh natural flowers, then you can buy from trust worthy vendors in the market who will guarantee you the quality and robustness of your Sehra along with a vibrant appeal at affordable rates, suiting your specific requirement.


 If you are confused about choosing the wedding Sehra for your wedding, you can sign up with the top wedding planning service provider in India who boasts of different types of wedding suppliers including wedding dress designers, wedding Sehra designers, makeup artist for the groom and lots more. Grab hold of the service of best wedding planner in India and get the best look in your groom Sehra on the day of your marriage.                                                                                                                                                  


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