The education system is continuously evolving, but the disproportionate emphasis on higher education at the cost of vocational (skill) education from 1947 to 2009 has cost in terms of numerous skills being lost and gaining only diminishing returns for even the higher education, since our higher education institutes and universities do not show up in global lists where Chinese universities dominate from Asia. Therefore, in India there has been heavy dependence on white collar jobs. The skill revolution which we want to usher in should have started long ago - we are at least 20 years late. As soon as economic liberalisation began in 1991, we should have at least started the journey, and 2009 is a little too late to benefit from demographic dividends. The integration of higher and vocational education should be done keeping in mind that we are dealing with aspirational youth in India who are only victims of accidence of birth, and the skill education system should provide ample opportunities for individual growth to result in societal well being, which will be the eighth point.

The community college concept which was introduced by IGNOU in 2009 was laudable. Unfortunately, mindless action by the then Vice-Chancellor destroyed the well intentioned revolutionary approach which could have put IGNOU on a higher plane and given our youth a good deal. We need to go back to the community college system. The ATDC had over 50 community colleges at that point. The spirit of an institution like ATDC need to be based on the community college concept as it links education to holistic local and individual and societal development through training and employment seamlessly.